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Global Information Network money-making opportunity

What We Offer

The Global Information Network (GIN) offers its members a variety of private, exclusive, worldwide benefits. Most of the benefits of membership are confidential, revealed only to its members once they are accepted at each membership level, and kept confidential and secret among members only.

The basic benefits of membership include:

    GIN gives its members information on worldwide methods of making large amounts of monthly, quarterly, and yearly incomes. Members gain exclusive, private knowledge of methods from around the world that others have used to make $10,000 USD up to $1,000,000 USD per month or more. These methods are revealed to members only. There are no guarantees that you will make any money.

    GIN gives its members up-to-date data on how to protect assets from a global perspective, how to minimize tax liabilities, how to deal with currency fluctuations, market fluctuations, and international government instability.
    GIN’s Founders and its members from around the world may offer to other GIN members exclusive “first in” ground floor opportunities for potential substantial capital gains from new Initial Public Offerings, Private Placements, new business ventures, real estate, gold and other precious metals, currencies, and many other international business situations that could potentially generate large wealth creation for members. (As with all investments, there is a potential for loss.)
    GIN members get information on how to get loans and credit at favorable terms.  Having access to credit, lines of credit, loans, and various other credit vehicles is a major advantage that the rich and powerful have over the average man.  GIN wants to close the gap and will teach members how to get needed credit and use OPM (other people’s money) to invest and create wealth.
    GIN members from around the world “network” with one another giving advice, global perspectives, “firsthand” information (the legal kind), sharing ideas and knowledge and creating a true “MASTER MIND” as described by Napoleon Hill in his various works. Being able to access and associate with experts, “world leaders”, ultra successful individuals, and like minded people from around the globe is a major benefit for GIN members.

    GIN hopes to provide its members with access to the most cutting edge medical discoveries and treatment options from around the world. These include new medical, surgical, and drug therapies being used around the world as well as NATURAL non-drug and non-surgical ways to cure and prevent disease.The Global Information Network also hopes to provide the following to its members:

    • Anti-aging secrets of the wealthy
    • Access to health information available anywhere on planet earth
    • Knowledge on how to be the healthiest, happiest, completely disease free humans in the world
    • Knowledge on how to live the longest and fullest way possible

    GIN members automatically become a lifetime member of at no charge, and receive all of the benefits of being a member of

    GIN members get information on HOW to use the Law of Attraction to have, be or do anything and everything they desire. The “keys” to making the Law of Attraction work in real life are revealed and taught to GIN members.
    GIN members are taught information about the “secrets” of the various “secret societies”. This is the first time in human history that the “secrets” from the societies are being revealed to the masses.
    GIN offers its members much more than is described here.  These additional benefits are revealed ONLY to members.

How This Information is Presented to Members

GIN makes its information available to its members in various formats.

  • On the GIN Website. Members gain access to the private areas of the GIN website. The information is encoded, encrypted and placed on highly secure worldwide servers. As a member becomes a higher ranking member he is given access to more areas of the website.
  • Audio/Video. GIN produces audio/video training for its members on a random basis. These audios/videos include training and information that is not at the top level of sensitivity. Highly confidential or classified information is never made available via audio/video.
  • Books/Manuscripts/Reports. GIN will release written material on various subjects. Much of this printed material is out of print and can only be obtained by being a member of GIN. Much of this printed material was NEVER published for the masses but rather printed and held in private libraries for society members. Much of this printed material is hundreds of years old and contains information the wealthy elite deemed only for the eyes of the privileged few.
  • Live online webinars. GIN will offer members live online training. This will be available live or on an ongoing archived area of the website for members only.
  • Emails and telephone calls. GIN will accept and answer member email questions, and take calls. They will provide experts to address issues and respond to member’s questions.
  • Live in person workshops and seminars. Members will be allowed to come to live, in-person training on various subjects, that will be offered around the world.
  • One-on-One mentoring. High level members of GIN will have the option of being an apprentice to a highly successful high ranking member of GIN. This one-on-one mentoring is unlike anything available anywhere.

Who Presents the Material?

GIN uses excellent communicators to transfer this information from its source to GIN members. Many of the communicators that GIN uses are also members of various “secret societies”. All are members in good standing with GIN.  All the presenters of the information, the writers, or speakers have been personally trained and mentored directly from the source.

To join GIN today click on this link.

Or for more information contact me at or go to my wiki page at

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