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Make Money with Livinity

Compensation Plan

Everyone who is introduced tothis opportunity makes a decision about their level of interest and participation. After understanding the business model and product line, you will find three ways to become involved in Livinity: as a customer, a distributor or a career builder.

1. Become a Customer

The Livinity and Going Blue branded product line makes it easy to become a customer by simply using products they already purchase and they will experience some of the finest exclusive products on the market. In order to become a customer, you simply place an order online using the ID number of the Distributor who referred you to the company. Customers begin to understand that they are using a higher quality product than they can get elsewhere and these products positively impact their health and wellness, and is good for the environment.

Livinity customers can see immediate results with our unique product line and enjoy the benefits of being able to order online and have the products shipped directly to their door.

2. Become a Distributor ($49)

The Livinity Independent Distributor Kit enables you to purchase the products at wholesale and make commissions based on the difference between wholesale and retail. There are many advantages to having your own Livinity Distributorship.

You will receive a Distributor Kit that is full of information about the Livinity product line, along with educational brochures, audio CDs and DVD’s about the Livinity opportunity. You will be an Independent Distributor with your own personalized website . This website will make it easy for you to build your Livinity business. The website is free with the one-time fee to become a distributor and purchase your starter kit.

Along with the Livinity Website, you will have other customized websites and many other business building tools. If you are going to purchase the products, it makes sense to become a Distributor and save money every time you order.

This membership will be valid for 12 months after you enroll. After 12 months, there will be an annual $25.00 renewal fee to keep your distributorship active.

3. Become a Career Builder ($399) or a TRU-BLUE Career Builder ($699)

The Career Builder Kit is the choice of those who are interested in becoming an Independent Executive and occupying a position on the 4×7 Matrix of Livinity. This is the choice of people ready to make a difference in their lives and have the potential to start earning money right away. This Executive Position is in the organization of your sponsor. The one-time purchase of a Career Builder Pack enables you to tap into all of the bonuses that Livinity has to offer. You will be amazed at the variety of products in your kit that will enable you to try the products and get acclimated to the company. This Career Builder Pack also enrolls you in the Blue Chip Advisor, Livinity’s premier monthly training system. In order to remain active as an executive, you must move at least $100.00 in products based on wholesale purchases each month. This volume can come from your personal orders, or any customers who place an order online or through customer service using your specific Livinity ID number. You may choose between the $399 and the $699 Career Builder kits. Check with your sponsor on the benefits of each.

A few benefits of becoming a career builderWeekly fast start bonus, personal group bonus, 4 x 7 matrix bonus, fast tracker bonus, leadership bonuses, retailers bonuses, infinity bonuses, the coveted Livinity Free Car bonus as well as many other benefits.

Click to view the complete Livinity compensation plan (pdf)

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